The Mosaic International Film Festival is a celebration of culturally diverse independent filmmaking.

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It’s a forum for unique storytelling. A platform for filmmakers worldwide to share their stories, experiences, and cultural identities with the people of Nova Scotia, Canada, through the art of film.

Founded in 2019 as a local event for filmmakers to promote their work, it has since evolved into an international festival, bringing together a broad range of cultures from around the world.

Today, the festival is aimed at providing an immersive and educational experience to those involved in the filmmaking industry, as well as aspiring filmmakers and artists.

To attend the festival please send an email to [email protected]

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The 5th Mosaic International Film Festival
Program Details

                                                                     6:00 – 6:45           Red Carpet/Reception

                                                                     6:45 – 7:00           National Anthem

                                                                     7:00 – 7:15            Opening/Welcome Remarks by Ifeanyi Emesih

                                                                     7:15 – 7:20            Why We Make Movies

                                                                     7:20 – 7:30           Damini –  Performance

                                                                     7:30 – 7:45            Film Screening

                                                                     7:45 – 8:00            Mayaya – Performance

                                                                     8:00 – 8:10            Excerpt from “I Am Not A Hero” by Henry Colin

                                                                     8:10 – 8:30            Filmmaking Talk with Henry Colin

                                                                     8:30 – 9:50            Film Screening

                                                                     9:50 – 10:00          Closing Remarks

Award Categories

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Short Film
  • Short Documentary
  • Short Animation
  • Student Short Film
  • Screenplay
  • Music Video

Submissions now Closed.

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